Shoppers are demanding more eco-friendly deliveries, according to a new report from British third-party logistics company, Wincanton.

Over a quarter (26 per cent) of British consumers said they are likely to buy from a retailer which uses electric vehicles, and 32 per cent said they are considering buying from retailers that are more environmentally friendly in the future.

Wincanton found millennials are much more likely to buy from retailers offering sustainable delivery options, with 14 per cent of consumers aged 18-34 saying they actively choose to buy from companies that use electric vehicles.

This is more than double compared to those aged between 35-54 (six per cent).

Demand for retailers to be environmentally conscious is growing, Wincanton found, as 40 per cent of consumers said caring about the environment is the top reason they choose retailers that use electric vehicles.

However, despite a much bigger appetite for ‘greener’ deliveries, it appears consumers still value speed and cost.

Only 10 per cent of shoppers are prepared to pay more for delivery by an electric vehicle, up to
£8.80 per delivery – and nearly half (48 per cent) would not sacrifice convenience such as next-day delivery for the sake of a delivery from an electric vehicle.

“It’s clear to see consumer attitudes towards the environment extend far greater than just ditching plastic straws,” said Wincanton CEO, Adrian Colman.

“Today’s consumers are looking for retailers who share their ethics and can demonstrate how they are doing their part for the environment.

“Time and money are still important factors when it comes to shopping and delivery. But in an increasingly competitive retail space, it’s vital companies choose a partner which supports their vision to implement a greener fleet and improve their credentials among their customers.”

Wincanton was one of the first UK 3PLs to introduce production- level electric vehicles to its fleet, and said it is continuing to invest in ‘green’ vehicles.