German, Austrian and Polish antitrust authorities have given the green light for a joint venture that seeks to boost the electric vehicle charging provision on the Continent.

The joint venture between Charge4Europe, founded on December 11, 2018 by DKV Euro Service, and innogy, a German energy company, will offer all-in solutions to operators of electric commercial vehicle fleets with plans to provide public charging services throughout Europe.

The future joint venture will enable fleet operators with electric or hybrid vehicle fleets to recharge their vehicles, regardless of the service provider, with costs billed as a single invoice.

The systems should also enable convenient billing of toll payments, the firms said.

With a total of around 7000 networked charging stations, innogy is one of the leading operators of charging infrastructure in Europe.

DKV Euro Service has been providing mobility services for a significant time, managing billing services for 170,000 customers covering refuelling, road tolls and EV charging.