A survey of British SMEs showed the majority remain to be convinced electric vehicles (EVs) are the future of motorised transport in the UK.

This is despite many being convinced by their environmental benefits, according to the latest data from Close Brothers Asset Finance.

The survey of 900 firms conducted in April 2019 showed that 41 per cent think EVs will become ubiquitous over time. However for 36 per cent it’s ‘too early to tell’ and for the remaining 23 per cent it’s a definite ‘no’.

In spite of the scepticism about the eventual part EVs will play in some quarters, nearly three out of every five respondents said the vehicles are environmentally positive (compared to the current options).

“Our research shows that while only 30 per cent of those polled had ever driven an electric vehicle, the majority (59 per cent) would consider purchasing an EV if more incentives were available,” said Close Brothers CEO, Neil Davies.