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The demands on trucking and logistics companies to achieve a credible ‘Plan to carbon zero’ are mounting, with pressure from government legislation, supply chain demand and the risk of losing contracts.

As specialists in the trucking and logistics industry, OxyCarbon understands that trucking companies need a turnkey solution. The company’s compliance team works to create reduction plans tailored to an operator’s carbon footprint and provides PR support through web and social media content and supply chain communications.

OxyCarbon has researched the global carbon market to create a solution that meets a client’s needs. OxyCarbon has created a way to do this, which could result in no cost to the client and deliver an opportunity for significant tax deductions.

How is this achieved?

Through years of research, the OxyCarbon team has devised a science-based methodology that can help you reduce your carbon footprint, deliver all the carbon credits you need, and provide bonuses that can offset costs.

Which could equal “Carbon Neutral – Cost Neutral”

Even if you already have a carbon-zero plan, talking to OxyCarbon is highly recommended – as it could save you money.