We round up the best protective clothing, sanitisers, first aid, ADR safety bundles and more to help keep you safe at work

While driver safety has always been a priority, the current COVID-19 situation has thrust personal protection to the very top of the list of work considerations. But safety at work doesn’t just mean defending against the bug. No matter what your day-to-day grind involves, you’ll need to have access to a variety of PPE to protect against accidents. From hi-vis vests, safety shoes and first-aid kits to anti-viral cleaning sets and Bluetooth-enabled ear defenders, here we list our pick of the some of the most essential items to keep in your cab.

Safety Trainers
Manufacturer: Dickies
Web: Buy it from www.dickiesworkwear.com
Price: From £34.95

Steel toe-capped boots are great and all, but they can be uncomfortable if you have to wear them all day – and their stiffness can make them difficult to drive in. As an alternative, these safety trainers are sturdy enough to ensure you feel protected, but light enough to drive in and wear for an entire shift. Much less cumbersome than traditional safety boots and not too clumpy, you’d have to look closely to know they were not normal trainers. They feature composite toe-caps and non-metallic anti-penetration soles, and are available in a range of styles for men and women.

Universal Plus First Aid Kit
Manufacturer: St John Ambulance
Web: Buy it from www.sja.org.uk
Price: £19.80 (inc VAT)

This compact and handy first aid kit is packed with all the essentials you will need for common accidents, and ensures you are prepared for any minor emergency. As well as plenty of basic first aid supplies like dressings, plasters and tape, it also contains some handy extras such as a KOOLPAK and hand sanitiser. It comes in a tough pouch of ripstop polyester, and also contains a first aid guide for information and advice on dealing with minor injuries to life-threatening conditions. And when supplies run low, you can grab a handy refill pack for £7.74 (inc VAT).

Hi-Vis Social Distancing Waistcoat
Manufacturer: Logistics UK
Web: Buy it from http://shop.logistics.org.uk
Price: £3.50 (members), £3.75 (non-members)

While COVID-19 continues to circulate, nothing says ‘keep your distance’ better than, well, this hi-vis vest that says ‘keep your distance’ on the back. Backed up with a reminder of the 2m rule, these vests are available in sizes ranging from medium to XXL and can be ordered as a minimum of five at a time from the Logistics UK online shop.

HGV Vehicle & Driver ADR Kit
Distributor: RHA
Web: Buy it from www.rhaonline.co.uk
Price: £395 (plus VAT)

For those carrying dangerous goods, the Road Haulage Association has put together a full 85-litre kit bag full of all the gear required to ensure compliance with ADR regulations for transporting any hazard class (excluding explosives and radioactive products). Inside you’ll find gloves, eyewash, a chemical suit, goggles, respirator with ABEK filters, safety wellington boots (pick from sizes 8-13), hazard warning triangles, hi-vis waistcoat, neoprene drain seal/cover, two-part anti-static shovel, safety torch, two microlite torches, waste disposal bags and ties, plus a first aid kit. It also has a fire box to take 9 kg extinguisher, a 9 kg dry powder extinguisher, 3 kg dry powder extinguisher with cab bracket (must be carried in cab), a large plastic wheel chock, a 20-litre chemical spill kit, folding Hazchem signs and a book of instructions.

COVID-19 Drivers Handbook Supplement
Publisher: Logstics UK
Web: Get it from shop.logistics.org.uk
Price: Free (PDF download)

We all need to be clear on the facts about coronavirus – what it is, how it is spread, what the symptoms are and what we can do to reduce the risks of infection. To help drivers deal with the pandemic, Logistics UK has released this free supplement to its Drivers Handbook which explains all of the above in detail and shows how coronaviruses can spread in vehicles, plus how drivers can effectively decontaminate their cabs. There’s advice on choosing materials to clean vehicle interiors including leather materials such as seat covers and steering wheels, how to focus on common vehicle touchpoints, recommended cleaning frequency, tips on cleaning smart phones plus a raft of other hints and tips.

WorkTunes Bluetooth Ear Defenders
Manufacturer: 3M
Web: Buy it from www.amazon.co.uk
Price: £103.99

While essential for protecting your hearing when you are working in noisy environments, spending a lot of time wearing ear defenders can be a bit dull. But fear not, as this set from 3M combines 24 dB of sound protection with a pair of high-fidelity speakers which enables the wearer to link to their smartphone via Bluetooth for streaming of music, radio, podcasts etc. The set also includes a built-in microphone so you can make and receive calls without having to take the headset off. Includes long-lasting Li-Ion battery which is charged via USB.

Anti-Bacterial Driver Kit
Manufacturer: Logistics UK
Web: Buy it from http://shop.logistics.org.uk
Price: £35 (members), £40 (non-members)

Rather than scratch about for a decent set cab-disinfecting items, this handy kit put together by Logistics UK has everything you need to keep your vehicle sanitised. Inside, you’ll find a 500 ml bottle of hand sanitiser, a blue wiper roll, one case of 100 disposable gloves, one pack of disposable cloths, a 500 ml bottle of viricidal disinfectant spray and a pack of white bin liners. The viricidal spray disinfects against bacteria, yeast and enveloped and non-enveloped viruses including as coronavirus (BCoV) and MRSA. It requires a 1-5 minute surface contact time, is aldehyde-free for use on non-porous hard surfaces and is based on dodecyldimethylammonium chloride.