Short of driving staff? Short of administration staff? Do you have little time to complete required legal tasks? Time to let Paragon Tango software reduce the hassle of fleet management.

By Graham Manchester, Paragon Tango

How do you verify new driving staff and then monitor them on a regular basis, without taking many hours to do so? Rockley Transport reckons it has found the answer: using the FCC Paragon Tango system.

New driver and staff verification, plus regular checks on company staff and operational drivers’ licences, are just two examples of time-consuming regulatory tasks that have been recently automated by Rockley Transport.

The haulier operates one of the largest tipper and road tanker fleets in the UK and is a FORS Gold member. It runs over 120 articulated tippers and road tankers, and is now using Paragon Tango automated driver verification and regular licence checking to free up administration time.

While DVLA can supply some licence information for free if users enter a driver’s NI number and licence details, checking hundreds of driving licences this way on a regular basis can be very time consuming.

Experience has also proven the DVLA system is not foolproof. If you want to make sure the person standing in front of you is who they say they are, or check where points on a licence have come from, then more work is required by administration staff.

However, the Tango system can be scheduled by the operator for automatic licence checks every day, week, month or year, and allows the transport office to also know other information such as when a driver’s tachograph card is about to expire, or when the driver’s CPC records (if applicable) need updating.

Richard Baldwin, Rockley Transport’s training & compliance co-ordinator, said: “It has saved me many hours a month and allows me to be assured all the drivers’ details are up to date.

“One example of how we have used the system is to arrange our driving staff into categories, so those with three penalty points are checked every six months (or sooner if needed); those with up to six points are checked every three months; and if we have any driving staff with more than nine points, then the system checks them every month.

“Should the system pick up any changes, we are automatically informed and can take the relevant action immediately,” Baldwin added.

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