Gone with the Wind


Mar-Train Heavy Haulage and Nordex win the battle to deliver essential parts for the West Browncastle  Wind Farm installation
By David Pollock

Falck Renewables and Coriolis Energy have now begun construction work on the 22.5 MW West Browncastle Wind Farm. The project is located 9 km to the west of Strathaven in South Lanarkshire, southern Scotland and consists of 12 Nordex N100 wind turbines, each with a rated capacity of 2.5 MW and a tip height of 129.9 m.

The mission saw delivery of 12 wind turbines using a mix of motorway and challenging ‘A’ and unclassified roads which were tight, twisting, unlit and untreated. Mar-Train’s strong fleet of trucks from Scania, Volvo and DAF fought to deliver Green ECO Energy Nordex Wind Turbine Components to the steep, muddy and slippery wind farm site, and was well suited to the job in hand. On our site visit, each marque put on a great display of power.

Gone with the Wind

Mar-Train Heavy Haulage is a key player in Ireland with a range of heavy haulage tractor units and a well-equipped mixed fleet of Nooteboom, Broshuis and Doll specialised trailers for the wind turbine industry. The company has an extremely attractive fleet, notably the brand-new Scania R730 delivered days before the start of the West Browncastle job. Effectively named “Big Red”, the truck is Mar-Train’s 35th anniversary present and is proudly driven by Paul Bird – a man who likes a clean, tidy and well-maintained rig.

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