How Craggs Energy Group is helping businesses make the switch over to renewable fuels to keep carbon emissions under control

By Richard Wallace, MD, Craggs Energy Group

The Craggs Energy Group was established 10 years ago and we primarily work with businesses and residential homes to supply fossil fuels such as diesel, gas oil and kerosene. We are an innovative and adaptable business and with the current 2050 deadline of achieving Net Zero, we are now offering ‘greener’ options for fuelling fleets, heating and power generation

As the energy landscape is continuously changing, a large focus for our group moving forward will be to support our customers on their journey to Carbon Neutrality. We have already implemented several initiatives and we are proud to be able to support homes and businesses with a range of carbon-reduction strategies.

As a group, we have worked hard over the last 12 months to secure numerous geographical distribution rights for GreenD+ and have invested in several operational infrastructures to ensure we have the capacity to meet demand.

GreenD+HVO is an HVO paraffinic EN15940 fuel enhanced with a proprietary organic additive that produces the lowest-emission advanced fuel available in the market. It’s a second-generation, synthetic, advanced renewable diesel alternative that eliminates up to 90 per cent of net CO2 and significantly reduces nitrogen oxide (NOx), particulate matter (PM) and carbon monoxide (CO) emissions.

As a paraffinic, renewable fuel, GreenD+HVO can be used as a drop-in alternative to fossil diesel; it’s cleaner, its FAME-free and complies with EN15940 and ASTM D97 5. There’s no need to modify existing infrastructure – you can simply top up and go.

It is OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) approved to use in heavy-duty road vehicles, passenger cars and non-road vehicles by DAF, Scania, Iveco, Mercedes-Benz and several other manufacturers.

GreenD+ is certified under the UK Renewable Fuel Assurance Scheme and has proof of sustainability from the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC). The Renewable Fuels Assurance Scheme is an initiative designed and managed by Zemo Partnership that aims to give fleet operators independent assurance of purchasing sustainable, low-carbon fuels which have been approved under the Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation (RTFO).

Dave Weston, estate and project manager at Queen Ethelburga’s Collegiate, said: “We’ve been working with Craggs for a couple of years and have recently made the switch to GreenD+HVO. This alternative diesel fuel reduces our carbon output by nearly 3000 metric tonnes per year.

“Danny Almond, our account manager has been extremely helpful and informative when discussing our options for ‘greener’ ways to heat our buildings, maintain our landscapes and fuel our vehicles.

“We are delighted to be one of the first businesses to sign up to Craggs Energy’s HVO fuel and we are always looking for ways to meet the government’s target of reaching Net Zero carbon emissions.”

Carbon offsetting

In addition to HVO, businesses also have the option to counteract their carbon emissions. For those businesses that are not quite ready to make the switch to HVO fuel, Craggs has also introduced a Carbon Offsetting scheme. This involves purchasing ‘carbon credits’ on behalf of our customers which funds several green initiatives around the world.

These projects are often based in developing countries and can take the form of rolling out new green energy technologies, or directly soaking up CO2 from the atmosphere by planting trees or creating offshore kelp farms.

We work with well-established and experienced carbon project developers who are all verified by external and leading global carbon offset verification organisations. Businesses receive a certificate and report every month which outlines the amount of CO2 which has been offset, including details about the projects they have helped fund.

And finally, we have built a programme via our sister company, Greenarc Energy, to educate, guide and facilitate residential and commercial customers with the shift away from fossil fuels.

This programme helps oil users understand what Carbon Neutrality means for their homes and businesses, and we will support them to build a bespoke plan which takes them through the process to low-carbon alternatives.

From understanding the basics of how to reduce carbon usage, to the detailed technology options that are and will become available, we have pulled together a huge amount of oil-specific information for users to access – and this will feature as an important part of our future vision.

For more information about GreenD+HVO fuel, carbon offsetting and Greenarc Energy, please get in touch with Danny Almond, Craggs Group renewable fuels specialist, on 01282 882500 or email