Creating a good impression wherever it goes, this Euro 6 DAF XF is the most recent addition to the fold at Maru International 


By Dave Bowers

Gavin Pearson works for transport company Maru International, based in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, which has its roots firmly set in Europe as well as having strong import/export links all over the world. His decision to work for Maru was influenced by his dad, Mick, who has worked for the firm for many years.       

So perhaps there was some father-son rivalry when Gavin, as the junior truck driver in the family, was allocated the first new DAF XF Euro 6 with the Super Space cab (as reviewed at length in the January 2013 edition of Trucking) to join the fleet? Not a bit of it, according to Mick – although he did let slip he was loath to give the truck back after Gavin agreed to swap vehicles for their weekly Sunday run to Hull for the P&O ferry!

“I normally drive the earlier DAF XF, and I can see there’s a vast improvement with this new model,” says Mick. ”It’s smoother, lots easier to drive, with better visibility from the cab as the door pillars are narrower, so you have good visibility.


“Engine power is the same at 460, but the new engine runs much quieter. I also liked the ride –  it’s not as harsh as with my older XF – and with being a 4×2 rather than my 6×2 XF, this truck’s much more manoeuvrable.”

And Gavin is just as keen: “This truck creates a fantastic impression wherever it goes – and there aren’t many on the roads in the UK at the moment. You do see more on the Continent, but it still attracts the same interest over there.

“It’s a well-spec’d truck, with optional extras such as spotlights over the cab, ally wheels and a set of three Kelsa bars on the front. The cab has the optional dashboard wood trim, and seats look really great finished with Alcantara fabric.”

Fuel consumption has averaged 10 mpg on multi-drop work all over Europe. Two more Euro 6 XFs have been ordered via F&G Commercial’s salesman, John Holmes. However, these will have larger fuel tanks which total 1500 litres, which will help to reduce refuelling intervals.

Now, with just over 30,000 km on the clock, Gavin reports no mishaps so far concerning reliability or breakdowns on the long-haul trips he makes each week, primarily to Germany, but also other EU countries, including Eastern Europe.

april cover As featured in the April 2014 issue of Trucking. Buy the magazine here