Chasing Cars


There’s plenty to admire when this stunning airbrushed Scania transporter rolls into the lot
By David Humphries


PHOTOGRAPHY David Humphries


When it comes to transporting cars, 42-year-old Daryl Smith, director of Smith Logistics and self-confessed general factotum says: “I’m part-time driver, mechanic and fitter, plus genial magician.” He says he does it differently to most.

While the vast majority generally opt for cramped, low-cabbed tractor units or drawbar prime movers to maximise on 11-car loads, Daryl chooses to use tall, spacious Scania Toplines. His customers provide nine-car loads, so it works well for both sides – and allows Daryl to indulge his passion for all things Scania.


But it wasn’t always that way. He’s had Renaults, most notably a towering Magnum, and admits to being a Volvo fan for many years. Then he purchased his first Scania Topline and has never looked back. “I won’t buy anything else now,” he says. “Sounds a bit snobby, I know. But they’re a good, wearable item, with longevity which pays off – even if you decide to sell.

“Initial cost is high compared to other marques, but parts, if you need them, are reasonably priced. The Renaults were cheap to buy, but subsequently cost an arm and a leg to keep on the road.”

august coverAs featured in the August 2014 issue of Trucking. Buy the magazine here