From October 2024, the minimum DVS rating for HGVs entering and operating in Greater London moved from one star to three stars which was a significant escalation and could mean additional costs to fleet operations where vehicles are rated too low. While this is aimed at the greater good of improved safety for all road users, these legislative changes can have a huge impact on fleets going in and out of Greater London, so we’re here to help businesses adapt and comply efficiently.

Vehicles rated three stars or higher are not affected, as the new minimum is three stars. However, those with a two-star rating or lower must comply with the DVS Safe System, which would require the installation of extra devices for indirect vision to alert drivers to other road users in their blind spots.

The first thing fleet operators need to do is check their HGV star ratings, which can be done via the Transport for London website.

If your vehicle scores three stars or more, you can apply for the permit immediately at no cost. If you already have one, then it will expire in 2030 or ten years after the application date if granted later than 2020.

Those with two stars or less would have to modify the vehicle, such as installing additional safety hardware and software solutions, before re-applying for their permit with supporting evidence. It’s worth noting that adding safety equipment will not change the star rating, which ultimately depends on how much the driver can see in relation to other users. However, additional measures would allow HGVs to drive in and out of London once reviewed and approved.

It can be overwhelming figuring out what needs to be installed for a permit to be granted, so Teletrac Navman’s experts can advise decision-makers on how best to comply.

Some additional safety features are physical fittings, such as side under-run protection fitted at both sides of the vehicle, class 5 and class 6 mirrors to improve blind spot visibility and prominent external stickers and warning signs to alert vulnerable road users of hazards and the vehicle itself.

As well as practical items, fleet managers should consider technology-based solutions – as new tech can make a difference and drive for a safer and more streamlined operation in line with new laws. A fully operational camera monitoring system can give the driver visibility over their blind spot, covering the side. Smart solutions which send real-time alerts can make a big difference as well, including close proximity sensors flagging if a vulnerable road user comes in close proximity to the vehicle, and audible warning systems alerting other road users of the vehicle turning.

Teletrac Navman’s diverse range of fully connected cameras delivers the real-time visibility drivers and fleet managers need to simplify risk management. As well as sending alerts to the driver in real-time, all the cameras are fully integrated into Teletrac Navman’s fleet management software, TN360, so data can be easily accessed to improve safety, streamline coaching and protect drivers.

With the latest video AI capabilities, Teletrac Navman’s integrated coaching applications and numerous camera solutions, decision-makers get the flexibility to select the cameras that are perfect for your business.

This highly configurable dual-camera system provides an added understanding of what has occurred with high-quality footage before, during, and after an event. Video data is automatically uploaded to the TN360 connected platform for immediate viewing so teams can identify high-risk actions and provide transparent feedback to their drivers.

Failure to have the right permit in Greater London can result in £550 for fleet managers and £130 for the driver every time the vehicle enters Greater London, even if the vehicle is 5-star rated. While there will be a three-month grace period, that is no excuse to delay making the changes necessary, and we’re here to help businesses with their needs.

As a business that has supported fleet operators for more than 25 years with leading fleet management solutions, we know how much of a pain changes in legislation can be. Teletrac Navman’s DVS Safety Compliance pack provides everything fleet managers need to ensure their Greater London fleets comply. For more information or to connect with one of our advisors for a free consultation, visit Teletrac Navman’s website.